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Nothing But Breaks Volume D-F

Nothing But Breaks Volume D-F

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BRAND NEW!!!Enter the mind of "Asethic", one of Hip Hop's most underrated and slept on rappers and producer. The Iconic NYC native earned his stripes as a veteran producer and MC with a Strong sense of hiphop in his blood stream

As a writer, producer, MC, and now Drummer Asethic has earned himself a cult following that deserves nothing less than full attention Asethic is proud to introduce a special treat, "Nothing But Breaks Volume A" a compilation of original and familiar drum breaks Hand picked  and recorded by Asethic In Alphabetical Order
This break Collection  is a must have for any drum aficionado, beatmaker, or producer,  These are must have drums!
Nothing but breaks Volume B-C:
100 Breaks - Hand picked and Ripped  by Asethic in 16-Bit/44.1kHz WAV Format Analog Flavor - Recorded using analog gear to tapeVintage Feel - 60's Overhead & Kick Drum Drum Mic'ing techniques for vintage feelCompatible with all DAW's & Drum Machines